Our Approach

LADECO’s “Philosophy” and”Vision”  is to be a compact, detail oriented,comprehensive  and modern technical services provider.

Who we are…

LADECO Inc.  currently specializes in  comprehensive Architectural Engineering services  using modern software and best practices.With project units lead by Professional Architects and Civil Engineers with 10 years or more of experience within Guyana, developing any client request into an internationally sound design and construction project is a foregone conclusion.

Based in Guyana, South America, a former British Colony; LADECO began formal operations in 2014, the firm has growing capacity to meet all design and consulting requirements and will be expanding services and capacity throughout 2016 into:

  • Sustainable Building Design and consulting
  •  Urban Infrastructure Design and consulting

LADECO Inc. was established on the ideals of offering Professional and Highly Competent technical services to clients desirous of international standards in Guyana.